About O’Wow Sweets

The Owow Sweet’s Mission 

Our mission is to provide customers with the highest quality products that will satisfy the eyes, tastebuds, and wallets. With the customer being our highest value, we aim to achieve their satisfaction by selecting the finest, freshest ingredients and providing the best customer service possible to fulfill requests. Despite the challenging tasks and labor, our greatest reward is the satisfaction of our customers which we aspire to accomplish and increase with our dedication and fine attention to detail.

Meet Victoria 

IMG_6838_2As a little girl of five years old, Victoria always seemed to find her way around the kitchen. If it was making little cookies with her easy bake oven, or stealing dough from her grandmother to make her own little “cinnamon buns”, Victoria’s love for baking began at a young age. She loved watching pastry shows on TV with her mother and baking in the kitchen with her grandmother. Eager to learn more techniques, she read books and watched videos, eventually teaching herself how to braid bread and make cakes.

Upon completion of middle school, she decided to attend a technical high school in her county: Passaic County Technical Institute. With the help of her instructors and teachers at the institute, she was able to put her passion to use and challenge her abilities. Victoria had one goal when she got to that school: to learn as much as she could and be successful at what she did. With that being said, Victoria would go to school early in the morning before her classes to learn new things from her baking instructor. Seeing her dedication and willingness to learn, he decided to send her to the Skills USA New Jersey baking competition in her sophomore year of high school. Although it was her first time competing, she managed to place third in the state, despite not knowing the conditions or what to expect at the competition. During that time, being only fifteen years old, Victoria got her first job as an Assistant Pastry Chef at Il Tulipano Catering and Events. Despite her busy schedule, she also took private lessons with a master cake decorator to enhance her knowledge and skills with cake decorating and sugar flowers. The following year, she and a partner went to the Skills USA wedding cake competition, where they placed first in the state. Her senior year, she went to the baking competition again, placing first in the state and continued on to nationals. Never having been to a national competition, she placed 6th in the nation. Throughout her high school years, Victoria managed to prove her passion, skills, and abilities. With the help of her talented instructors, she gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and skills, which prepared her for college and the workforce. Victoria is extremely thankful to her instructors and values the opportunity of being able to study at the institute.

Since having graduated Passaic County Technical Institute, Victoria continues to keep in touch with her instructors and staff at the institute, as she teaches Cake Decorating at their Saturday Academy program during the Spring and Fall. She continued her pastry education at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY , where she graduated with high honors in May of 2015. During her time at CIA, she was also involved with the school and competitions. She represented the CIA at the International Hotel Motel Restaurant Show in the Salon of Culinary Arts competition in November of 2014. During her summer externship, taking her six months to complete, she worked on the cake for hours after she would return home from work. Her dedication led her to a first place prize for a cake that represented the CIA at the Javits Center in NYC. It was one of her greatest accomplishments and rewards.

Now at 20 years old, being a Pastry Chef de Partie of a high end pastry shop in NYC,  Victoria continues to explore the pastry world and enhance her knowledge and skills in the field. No matter what, her passion keeps her motivated and determined to strive for more. Though she is not the little five year old girl anymore, the same passion she had when she was little continues to grow more and more every day.

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